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Officially launching September 2018! Mini-summer camps to come Summer 2018!

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Welcome to RGC Gymnastics

Our goal is to maximize the potential of each individual by providing affordable, quality gymnastics instruction in a safe and fun environment. 

We believe the sport of gymnastics provides students with many benefits that extend far beyond the boundaries of the gym. Our students learn self-discipline, confidence, social skills as well as an appreciation for physical fitness.

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Phone: 952-406-8979


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OFFICE HOURS: (School Year)

  • MONDAY: 9-12pm, 4-7pm
  • TUESDAY 12-2pm, 4-7pm
  • WEDNESDAY: 12-2pm 4-7pm
  • THURSDAY 12-2pm, 4-7pm
  • FRIDAY: 9-12pm, 4-7pm
  • SATURDAY: 11:30-3:30pm



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