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My 8 year old had been having difficulty with hand writing and confidence in school. When she mentioned an interest I gymnastics I thought this was an opportunity to help both issues. Boy did it! I have not heard "I CAN'T DO IT" all summer! Thanks RGC! We are with you all for the long haul!

Laurie - Parent of an older beginner

Our daughter started out taking classes and quickly moved onto the JO team. Since then she has fallen in love with the sport of gymnastics! Being part of this team has made her grow stronger both physically but also mentally. The amount of work she has put in at such a young age, all because she loves it so much, has been incredibly impressive to us. The coaches are all so enthusiastic and encouraging and I truly believe that is one of the reasons she is doing so well. We love having our daughter in RGC and plan on spending many years there!

Jodi O. - Impressed mom

With two girls on the JO team and years of being with the club, I am confident that when I drop them off they are safe in a loving and caring place doing something they love with people they love being with. Makes me feel that they are going to build in whatever life throws their way.

Neola F. - Level 4 Team Parent

Nokomis has become so confident with herself and has really become aware of her body and loves gymnastics. She loves coming to RGC it is the highlight of her week and at home she is practicing what she can. She loves gymnastics so much and I owe it to the wonderful coaches that she sees and works with. I could go on and on about RGC and what it does for Nokomis!

Dana & Nokomis K. - Pleased Parent and Gymnast

Linnea has really enjoyed the summer sessions of gymnastics this year! She has been taking classes at RGC for about 3 years and has learned so much. Her younger brother Isaac started last fall and also enjoyed his time with you all. Many thanks to everyone at RGC and especially the coaches for all their great instruction. We have had a very positive experience with you all and would certainly recommend you to anyone looking for a quality gymnastics program. Gymnastics has been a source of pride for both kids and Linnea's older brother has decided to try gymnastics too!

Erika O.

The girls love your classes! They practice constantly. I never saw anyone turn cartwheels in snow pants, boots and winter coats before but they manage to do it all over the lawn. Thanks for the good job you do.

Judith V. - Grandparent

Savannah was able to start classes a little under 5, tried a class and they let her stay. She has since blossomed into a wonderful gymnast! All with the help of the coaches at RGC! She has easily transitioned from classes to prep team and now the training team! Everyone is so supportive of all the girls, parents coaches and team mates! We love the support the girls give one another too. We have had nothing but a positive experience with RGC!!!

Rachel & Ben L. - Training Team Parent

Abby loves being on the XCEL team. She has learned so much since November it is amazing. We love to watch her.

Julie K. - Xcel Team Parent

 I am a happy parent with Richfield Gymnastics. This is my daughter's first year there and she loves it a lot!

Jenefer M. - Satisfied Mom

Impressed with the club's training techniques; better than Gleason's I think.


Thank you for all your hard work with these girls. I am truly impressed by and proud of my daughter and the skills and strength she has built up thanks to all you guys!

Tony R. - Gym Dad

I love Richfield Gymnastics Club because it is like my second home. The coaches are great and so are the families that go there. It is a great community.

Rebecca Heer - Coach & Gymnast